Drink Menu

Breast ReDUCKtion – goose, razzmatazz, Malibu, fill cran
The Mighty Duck – Goose, melon, sprite
The Ugly Duck– goose, trip sec, dash lime, sprite
Goose Knuckle – goose, cran, trip sec, lime
Silly Goose – goose, apple pucker, cran
Duck Norris– goose dropped in red redbull
Duck Sicker– goose orange, pineapple, oj, splash blue curacao
Quackhead – goslings dark rum, ginger beer
Duckathalon– goose, amaretto, pineapple ( add a dash of grenadine to make it a goose jenner)
Duck Side of the Moon –rumchata, kalua, layer baileys
The Flock– goose, wild turkey, goslings
FOWL Mouth – goslings, cran, oj
Duck Duck Juice – goose, Cointreau, oj concentrate, mango daiquiri mix
Angry Bird – Guinness , angry orchard (layer)
Fugly Duckling – goslings, malibu, oj, pineapple
The Old One Legged Duck – wild turkey , coke with a lime
Greatful Duck – goose, gin , rum, blue curacao, sour, sprite, dash razzmatazz
Goose Springsteen– goose orange, sprite, sink grenadine , float blue curacao
Strickly Duckly – soco, amaretto, sour, dash grenadine
Quackmeyer – goose, apple pucker, water melon pucker, sprite
The Mallard – goose orange, sprite, dash blue curacao, orange slice
The Dead Duck – goose, pepper, booty juice, bloody mary mix, garnished w/ spicy green beans, celery, olives
The Sitting Duck – goose citron, sour, fill sprite garnish lemon wedge
Duckzilla – goose , melon, fill oj, float 151